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Esmé has alwasy been interested in the health and wellbeing of others and believes that a vital part of human life is caring for yourself and for others.

Throughout her career she has worked in many different locations and roles including hospitality management, conservation and as a PA. During all of these roles she learnt that everyone is different, not only in personality but in their personal needs.

Her many experiences throughout the world led her to set up Esmé Wellbeing and Esmé Pilates, using her skills and providing customers with a truly unique therapy experience.

  • Lower back Fascia Trainer

  • LTA 2 Day Update Training

  • Pilates - Advanced Mat Pilates | Common Orthopedic Conditions | Small Equipment.

  • Fascia Summer Research School - Leipzig

  • Lymphoedema FG-MLD with Lymphoedema Training Academy Ltd

  • Fascial Fitness Intro with Daniela Meini, Fascial Fitness Association

  • Advanced Deep Myofascial Release with Art Riggs

  • Structural Fascial Bodywork with Jing Institute

  • Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release with Art Riggs

  • Manual Lymph Drainage - Original Dr Vodder Method

  • Myofascial - Indirect with Jing 

  • Massage for people living with Cancer - Gayle Macdonald & the Iris Partnership

  • Pregnancy Massage with Jing

  • Signature Body Treatments - N.Yard

  • On-Site Massage - Jing

  • Fascial Foundation - Jing

  • ITEC Level 3 Holistic Massage

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