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These are some of the problem areas Esmé can help with;

Back & neck pain

Headaches & Migraines

Chronic fatigue, ME


Foot & ankle pain

Lymphoedema, MLD


Pre & post surgery

Rotator cuff

Scoliosis Management


Leg & Knee pain

Arm & Elbow pain

Repetitive Strain Injury

Scar tissue

Shoulder pain

'Esme is a multifaceted professional.  She is extremely knowledgable &  caring...'

Poor posture, physical trauma, stress and inflammation can cause the fascia to tighten and restrict movement.

Myofascial Release Benefits

Decreased pain

Increased range of motion

Deeply relaxing & therapeutic

Improved posture

Q: What is Fascia?

A: Fascia is connective tissue.

In simple terms think of your fascia as a second skin that covers you from head to toe & back again (around organs & muscle fibres). If it didn't exist your bones would fall to the floor!

This treatment aims to free restrictions within these connective tissues.

Myofascial release - Esmé applies one or a combination of indirect, direct & deep tissue sustained pressure to 'melt' the fascia, allowing for restriction release and ease of tension.

It is performed without oil or wax, can be incredibly light or incredibly deep depending on the area of tension.


A unique way to get out of pain. Ask Esmé today how she might be able to help you do this.

Hip Pain


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