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Q: Can anyone do Pilates?
A: In a word, YES!

Benefits of 1-1 Pilates with Esmé

Improve core & posture, become more energy efficient

Increased range of motion

Focused, yet relaxing

Decreased pain

Gain balance, energy & strength

In one-on-one sessions with Esmé, you can benefit from a program tailored to your needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury or illness, a beginner, or looking to improve in a specific sport, such as horse riding, running or swimming.

Esmé will work with you over several sessions to create a personalised plan to help you reach your goals.

' a sturdy body and sound mind fitted to perform every daily task with ease and perfection as well as to provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation, emergencies.'

Joseph H. Pilates (1945)

Empower yourself.

Are you nervous to move, perhaps from fear of pain?

Individual sessions focus on establishing your mind body connection where you will learn about safe healthy movement, improving mobility & strength.

Esmé brings a positive mindset. Even after one session, you will see how Pilates can help you take back control.

Move with ease. 

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